Stay True

Stay True

Be true to what works for you and ignore the noise!

That’s my advice when it comes to photographers and social media. It can be hard finding your way among the myriad of fads, trends and judgemental snappers of social media.

I used to struggle following every trend and changing my style regularly, seeking the affirmation of my peers. This is a fast track to misery! The moment I trusted my creative vision and embraced what I loved, is the moment I started truly being at peace with my work.

This can be tricky when you make a living from photography. Obviously what you love has to also align with what customers will love, but when you find that right balance everything becomes easier.

At the end of the day I’m not in this for money though. You would have to be a fool to expect to get rich from landscape photography. If I can pay the bills and provide for my family I’m happy. After that, for me it is about expressing my creativity, enjoying natures beauty and calming my brain.

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